Our offer
With expertise spanning more than two decades Chemirol Company Ltd. Sp. Z o.o. implements, in cooperation with its partners and customers, the ideas of modern and innovative agriculture. From the very beginning, we tailor our offer to fit our Clients’ needs. Several years of experience made us the leader in the Polish agriculture market.

 Each day we strive to be the most competent advisor in the agriculture market, therefore, we always listen carefully to the comments, suggestions, and feelings of our trading partners. Our company employs over 100 assessors, who are always available to our customers. An excellent team of professionals working in different departments of our company and at different levels consistently strives to affirm that we are reliable, credible and effective partner and advisor in agribusiness.

With great attention we tailor our offers in order to fully satisfy our customers, putting at their disposal a wide range of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. PUH Chemirol Sp. of o.o.as well offers complementary products in rapidly developing areas such as: machinery and equipment, feed, fertilizers and horticultural plastics and cereals. The Chemirol Ltd. Sp. Z o.o commercial networks currently comprises 10 branches located in various Polish regions, in where there are close to 50 company stores and nine barns.

 We cooperate with the largest and most respected producers and corporations in the agriculture sector. In each season, we enrich our range of products and carefully recommend them by the following criteria:
- The efficiency and effectiveness of  solutions
- Innovation and functionality of applications
- Agronomic suitability to specific soil climate and region

The products we offer are always effective and this has been repeatedly confirmed, both in laboratory analysis, and field practice.

 Another priority in our business is the continuous research and development. We believe in what we do, therefore, we are never completely satisfied with our results, which are the fuel of our company. We remain focused and have a zero-complacency attitude that is  why Chemirol is committed to finding innovative ways to continually improve and increase our presence in the domestic market. For years, we have been carefully observing and analyzing the situation throughout the European agricultural market, which led us to expand on the Romanian market. Because of continuous expansion of our operation Chemirol has become one of the most recognizable brand in Polish agribusiness.

Chemirol Ltd. can be found at all major exhibitions, fairs and other trade events. Every season we prepare a comprehensive directory inquiry and assessing statement for our clients. Recently we have revamped our website, in particular we created an online store that received the Forbes Diamond 2012 distinction for the best corporate website and online shop experience.
We strive to be a dependable partner for our customers. We are committed long term to the mission of helping our customers solve their daily problems.